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About BAM Millwork

Our team of professionals will bring any design ideas to reality. With manufacturing locations and installation teams all over the world, BAM Millwork can create all kinds of Millworks projects, using all kinds of wood species and different substrates.

Our Process

We work in constant collaboration with Hospitality Services companies, Interior Designers, Architects and Construction Contractors.  We supply 3D drawings for approval, once the products approved, we manufacture at our nearest facility. Then we deliver always on time, and deploy our installation team anywhere in the world.

Preconstruction Design

Starting from your Construction Plans, we'll supply 3D renderings and photocompositions for the approval of all the pieces we'll be creating.


Once the design of your products approved, our experienced craftsmen will create your pieces at our  nearest production facility.

On-Site Consultations

Our Project Manager and Installation Manager are always available to meet

on-site, to discuss any details related to your project.

The Finishing

With over 20 years experience in the field, we know that the finishing touch is always time consuming. However, we've developed techniques to do it throughout the completion of the entire project, which minimizes the finishing time towards the end of the contract.

Our Quality Guarantee

  • Installation defects: This comprises defects resulting from BAM Millwork installation and is valid for one year after installation.

  • Service or repair defects: This comprises defects resulting from maintenance or repair work done by a BAM Millwork technician and is valid for 30 days following the work.

  • Product part defects: Service and repair parts supplied by BAM Millwork are warranted against defects for 90 days, starting on the date of purchase.

  • Missing parts or hardware: If there are missing parts or hardware in an order, BAM Millwork will replace them within five business days of the receipt of the order.

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